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HIV-Related Mortality Rate

HIV-Related Mortality Rate

Age-Adjusted; Per 100,000 people | Cities: Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Fort Worth, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; Las Vegas, NV; Long Beach, CA; Miami, FL; Minneapolis, MN; New York City, NY; Oakland, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; San Diego County, CA; Seattle, WA; U.S. Total; Washington, DC | Race/Ethnicity: All | Sex: Both | Year: 2014

Place Year Value Notes
San Diego County, CA 2014 1.5
U.S. Total 2014 2.0
Detroit, MI 2014 2.1
Seattle, WA 2014 2.6
Las Vegas (Clark County), NV 2014 2.7 All ICD-10 fields included
Fort Worth (Tarrant County), TX 2014 2.9 Includes all deaths which list HIV as a contributing cause of death (ICD10 Co...
Kansas City, MO 2014 3.1
Denver, CO 2014 3.3
Phoenix, AZ 2014 3.4 Maricopa County level data
Oakland (Alameda County), CA 2014 3.5
Minneapolis, MN 2014 4.1
New York City, NY 2014 5.7
Miami (Miami-Dade County), FL 2014 6.7
Philadelphia, PA 2014 7.3
Long Beach, CA 2014 11.1 Counts from which rates are derived are subject to change due to late reporti...
Washington, DC 2014 11.2
Boston, MA 2014 Records where the value is blank in the data table indicate that the data are...
Indianapolis (Marion County), IN 2014 Records where the value is blank in the data table indicate that the data are...

Notes for this indicator

For some cities, county level data was provided: Harris County for Houston, TX and Bexar County for San Antonio, TX

* Values

Records marked with a * value in the data table indicate that the data are suppressed due to small counts, inadequate sample size, or unreliable parameter estimates such as relative standard error or confidence intervals. The reasons cities have suppressed data vary by indicator.

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