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Congenital Syphilis Incidence Rate

Congenital Syphilis Incidence Rate

Race/Ethnicity: All | Sex: Both | Year: 2014

Place Year Value
Denver, CO 2014 0.0
Kansas City, MO 2014 0.0
San Diego County, CA 2014 11.2
New York City, NY 2014 18.1
Philadelphia, PA 2014 18.1
Phoenix, AZ 2014 18.4
San Antonio, TX 2014 20.1
Los Angeles, CA 2014 21.0
San Antonio, TX 2014 39.6
Miami (Miami-Dade County), FL 2014 43.4
Boston, MA 2014
Indianapolis (Marion County), IN 2014
Las Vegas (Clark County), NV 2014
Portland (Multnomah County), OR 2014

* Values

Records marked with a * value in the data table indicate that the data are suppressed due to small counts, inadequate sample size, or unreliable parameter estimates such as relative standard error or confidence intervals. The reasons cities have suppressed data vary by indicator.

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