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Phoenix’s Similar Cities

We’ve developed an algorithm to help discover interesting aspects of our data. Three other cities are similar to Phoenix according to our algorithm: Houston, Dallas, and Oakland (Alameda County). Select an indicator from the drop-down to explore data for Phoenix and its counterparts.

Asthma Emergency Department Visit Rate

Age-Adjusted; Per 10,000 | Race/Ethnicity: All | Sex: Both | Year: 2011

City 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2010 - 2015
Phoenix 57.1 65.7 58.6 59.4 null,57.1,65.7,58.6,59.4,null View data »
Houston not enough data
Dallas not enough data
Oakland (Alameda County) 99.0 103.0 101.9 null,null,99.0,103.0,101.9,null View data »

Project by NACCHO + supported by the De Beaumont Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation