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Percent of High School Students Who Binge Drank

City: San Francisco, CA | Race/Ethnicity: All | Sexes: Both, Female, Male | Years: 2011, 2013, 2015

Year Sex Race Value
2011 Both All 11.7
2011 Female All 10.0
2011 Male All 13.0
2013 Both All 10.4
2013 Female All 10.4
2013 Male All 10.1
2015 Both All 8.8
2015 Female All 9.7
2015 Male All 8.1

Notes for this city

Records marked with a * value in the data table indicate that the data are suppressed due to small counts, inadequate sample size, or unreliable parameter estimates such as relative standard error or confidence intervals. The reasons cities have suppressed data vary by indicator.

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