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Firearm-Related Emergency Department Visit Rate

Firearm-Related Emergency Department Visit Rate

Age-Adjusted; Per 10,000 people | Race/Ethnicity: All | Sex: Both | Year: 2014

Place Year Value Notes
San Diego County, CA 2014 0.3
Phoenix, AZ 2014 0.5
New York City, NY 2014 0.7 Data analyzed by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Rate per 10,000...
Denver, CO 2014 1.0 These data are not de-duplicated; numerator is # of applicable visits, not nu...
Las Vegas (Clark County), NV 2014 1.6
Miami (Miami-Dade County), FL 2014 1.8
Los Angeles, CA 2014 2.2 These data are county level. The hospital discharge data set includes records...
Minneapolis, MN 2014 2.2
Boston, MA 2014 2.3
U.S. Total 2014 2.5
Oakland (Alameda County), CA 2014 5.4 First 5 positions were reviewed for the firearm related ICD-9-CM codes E922.0...
Kansas City, MO 2014 42.7

Notes for this indicator

For some cities, county level data was provided: Harris County for Houston, TX and Los Angeles County for Los Angeles, CA

Project by NACCHO + supported by the De Beaumont Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation